How underground compactors improve waste collection

Saving space with the underground compactor

Efficient use of public space is the top prioirty of each municipality. What better way to achieve this than by compacting waste streams at the collection point. Valuable greenery no longer have to be sacrified. No longer multiple regular underground containers in a row.

The underground compactor increases the capacity up to 10 times compared to a regular underground container. This is achieved by the use an internal compacting mechanism. Despite this high level of compacting, the waste is still recyclable!

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Easy implementation in your city

The Sidcon underground compactors fit in most existing infrastructures, as they can be equipped with different lifting mechanisms and can fit in all commonly used concrete pits. They can also be equipped with access control!

At locations with high-rise buildings and in city centres a high waste capacity is required. Instead of increasing the number of containers, a growing number of European cities choose for the Sidcon compactor. Examples of European cities are: Bergen, Cannes, St. Tropez, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Skövde  & Ingolstadt.

How Amsterdam uses 350 underground compactors

In 7 years’ time the municipality of Amsterdam installed over 350 underground compactors. The main reasons: lack of space and the need to reduce traffic.

The city’s policy: one container per waste type per collection point, with a maximum collection frequency of once per week.

The result is a clean environment, enough space for greenery and parking spots. Additionally the transport was significantly reduced, which led to a reduction of total collection cost. Efficient waste collection and a clean city! What tourist doesn’t want to visit that place!

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How can you benefit from the underground compactor?

The compactor works and looks the same as a regular container. Therefore, the streetscape stays the same!

Sidcon is based in the Netherlands and is the inventor and manufacturer of the underground compactor. Over the last 15 years, we have developed a solid product which we can install and service throughout Europe. Interested to know how you can benefit from our innovative products? Send Jesper Emmen a message to schedule a teams call. j.emmen(at)