Presstation Pro

Largest capacity

Underground Trash Compactor with extra large capacity

The solution in situations demanding increased capacity. The Presstation Pro was the first underground bottom-emptying compaction container on the Dutch market. This waste container can be used for the collection of plastic, metal and drinks cardboard (PMD), plastic and residual waste. For more information, placement and costs contact us.

Here are just some of its benefits


  • Considerably fewer collections
  • Fewer containers needed, so taking up less space
  • Can be easily adapted to existing infrastructure
  • Fits in the most common kinds of wells
  • Can be emptied using the triple-hook, Kinshofer and Metro systems


  • Real-time warning signal when full
  • Cable-free mains connection
  • Rapid power connection (green energy)
  • Most sustainable solution


  • Available with access control
  • Link with Container Management Systems

More information?

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Presstation Pro
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Presstation Pro
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Presstation Pro
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