Sustainable waste collections in apartment blocks:

The Nimbus building is a marvellous location at the heart of downtown Nijmegen.
It is a striking apartment block which houses 116 social rental sector dwellings and small-scale commercial space. To collect residents' waste as sustainably as possible, 2 underground compactors have been installed.

Sustainable Containers appartementencomplexen
NNimbus is a sustainable and energy-efficient building. For example, the energy which supplies the lifts and lighting in the communal areas is generated by its own solar panels. These solar panels are located on the roof of the residential wing. Slokker was the building contractor responsible for the construction of Nimbus.

In early 2016, 2 underground compactors were installed. These compaction containers are for recyclable and residual waste.

A major benefit is that the outside area remains largely unspoilt because a minimum of containers is required due to the large capacity of the underground compactors. One additional benefit is the number of times a refuse truck needs to empty the containers is reduced, leading to less congestion.

This solution ties in perfectly with the vision for a sustainable building and an attractive appearance.