Underground compactor in Copenhagen 

First Sidcon container in Denmark 

Since the underground compactor is installed, residents in surrounding apartment blocks have been able to dispose of their non-recyclable waste there.

Sidcon’s innovative underground compactor has been acquired by the FSB housing corporation in Copenhagen and the municipal authorities there will be responsible for emptying the container. Since being installed, residents in surrounding apartment blocks have been able to dispose of their non-recyclable waste there. The internal compaction system ensures that whilst its dimensions are significantly reduced, it can contain much more waste than a normal underground container. The municipality empties the Presstation Pro once a week, when, on average, they are eighty percent full. Without this compaction system, four containers would be needed or waste collections would be much more frequent! 

Copenhagen Sidcon

The compactor, type Presstation Pro, is a Dutch product. The system enables municipalities and other (statutory) authorities to collect waste more efficiently. The compactor saves on space, makes for a cleaner streetscape and is good for the environment. As such, fewer transport movements are necessary to empty the container. The Presstation Pro is an increasingly more common sight in the Netherlands and other European countries. In Cannes (France), for example, there are now four on its famous film boulevard. 

The underground compactor has been making inroads on the Dutch market for a while now. Cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht have installed hundreds (!) of them in their public spaces. “They help neighbourhoods look cleaner and more attractive,” explains Reinier Siderius, Sidcon’s managing director. 

Underground containers for the collection of household waste are widespread in the Netherlands. The idea is really quite simple: a stylishly designed pillar for waste disposal above the ground and a concealed container under the pavement. They are a common feature on streets throughout the Benelux. Nevertheless, the compactor version is a relatively new innovation. 

Sidcon launched its first Presstation Pro in 2008. This is an underground container which has its own internal compactor. The waste is compacted automatically by a huge steel auger as soon as a sensor detects sufficient volume. Ultimately ten times more waste than normal can be collected. Of course, this tenfold increase in capacity delivers major benefits. For example: fewer collections and, in turn, fewer transport movements and carbon emissions. What’s more, local authorities can cut back on the number of containers. “In Amsterdam, we have an underground compactor exclusively for plastic packaging,” Siderius cites as an example. “This means that as much as 800 kilos of plastic can be collected every week. Without the compactor system to reduce the content, such high-capacity volumes would be unimaginable for a single container, which would have to be emptied every day. 

The Presstation Pro can be used for non-recyclable waste as well as separated waste flows. Sidcon is currently developing a new compactor for waste paper. “The composition of these kind of waste flows is changing rapidly,” explains Siderius. “Thanks to increased online shopping, the percentage of cardboard in waste paper flows is increasing. This requires a different, more efficient compactor which we are now working to develop.” 

Copenhagen Denmark


The Presstation Pro fits in perfectly with the Smart City concept. The fill-level, peak times, number of drops and much more are monitored by sensors and all data can be read remotely. In combination with a route optimisation system, containers can be efficiently emptied without unnecessary trips or waste overflows because the container is full. This leaves neighbourhoods looking cleaner and tidier. The pillars are aesthetically designed and can be adapted to the colour and branding of existing street furniture. The container itself is hidden from view underground and is safeguarded by means of an automatic “trapdoor opening” during emptying operations. One special feature of the Presstation Pro is that it is bottom-emptying. The container can be emptied directly above the waste collection truck so that most waste can be removed in just one journey. The bottom-emptying compactor is an invention of Sidcon and is patent-protected. 

If you are also looking for the best solution to tackling your waste collection problems, please feel free to contact us. We will happy to inform you about the benefits for your specific waste collection requirements. More than 100 municipalities have already done so.