Freshstation Organic

Freshstation Organic

Facilitates reverse collection in high-rise neighbourhoods

Compactor for high-rise neighbourhoods

More and more, reverse collection of waste is being introduced in the Netherlands to encourage an increase in waste separation. In high-rise neighbourhoods however, this is more awkward. The Freshstation Organic is a mini-container which can be installed in and around apartment complexes and can be emptied by normal refuse collection vehicles. This means it can be fully integrated in the logistics of standard municipal reverse collection schemes. An ideal and sustainable solution for companies and residential waste.

The benefits of a Compactor


  • Installation both inside and outside
    apartment block possible
  • 240-litre mini-container, standard volume
  • Fully adapted to existing waste collection
  • Fitted with odour and pest control facilities
  • Anti-odour measures, such as cooling and ozone
  • Maximises the separation of organic kitchen waste in
    high-rise buildings
  • High service levels for residents due to 24/7 accessibility


  • Clean and tidy appearance to encourage separation of waste
  • Real-time warning signal when full
  • 230-volt mains connection (from the building)
  • Most sustainable solution
  • Improved quality as a result of controlled and less
    anonymous surroundings
  • Increases effectiveness of separation due to fewer food leftovers in residual waste

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