Ozone generator

Ozone generator

reduces unwanted odours from underground containers

When temperatures rise in and around underground compactors, bad odour can form a serious problem. In this event, Sidcon’s ozone generator can offer some relief. The device, after being placed inside the container, will eliminate bad odour permanently. Ozone is an oxidising gas which removes smell. So once the system has been installed, that’s one less worry on your part. The ozone generator has been extensively tested in recent years and has proved a highly durable alternative to other solutions, such as sprays. The system is usually powered by solar panels.


Benefits of the ozone generator

  • No more worries about bad odour once the ozone generator has been installed.
  • All smells are eliminated after installation.
  • The ozone generator removes the smell completely.
  • The ozone generator does not need to be replenished.
  • Sidcon carries out maintenance and monitors its functioning.

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