Concise compactor for plastic, metal and drink cartons

Residents in apartment blocks should be separating their plastic waste too. Not only is this more sustainable, but less residual waste also means fewer costs for the municipality. The Presstation Compact for recyclable plastics can be installed in or around an apartment block. All you need is a location which is not far for residents to walk to with their waste plastics, metals or drinking cartons.

Can be used flexibly and without the nuisance of foul smells

Not only does the container look good, it’s also equipped with an ozone generator to combat foul smells. To many people that’s a more appealing way to get rid of their waste. Because of its compactor mechanism the container can handle a lot more recyclable waste. That’s not only efficient, it also means fewer waste collections. When the container is almost full, an automatic alert is transmitted via the real-time warning system to have the container emptied. The Presstation Compact container is compatible with the existing waste collection infrastructure and can be used more flexibly than an underground container. A 230V mains connection is needed from the building and a fixed connection for green electricity. This is surely the most sustainable solution for recyclable waste collections in high-rise complexes.

Practical example: Prestation Compact for high-rise blocks in Oldambt

In the towns of Scheemda and Winschoten, the Presstation Compact has been successfully introduced since October 2020. Residents in apartment blocks can now throw their recyclable plastics in bags into a container in the central lobby. Normally, recyclable waste is collected from pavements every three weeks. This meant residents having to hold onto their waste, which isn’t  everyone’s idea of fun. But happily that’s no longer the case and, what’s more, it’s resulting in better waste separation too.

The benefits


  • Considerably fewer collections due to the smart compactor
  • Installation both inside and outside apartment block possible
  • 240-litre mini-container, standard volume
  • Fully adapted to existing waste collection
  • Maximises the separation of plastic, metal and drinks cartons (PMD) in high-rise buildings and apartments.
  • High service levels for residents due to 24/7 accessibility
  • Improved quality as a result of controlled and less anonymous surroundings


  • Clean and tidy appearance to encourage separation of waste
  • Fitted with odour and pest control facilities
  • Real-time warning signal when full
  • 230-volt mains connection (from the building)
  • Most sustainable solution