Underground compactor for plastic and packaging


Frequently used underground compactors

Of all the compactors/containers in the Netherlands intended for recyclable plastics, 25% of this plastic waste is processed via the Sidcon Presstation Pro for Plastics. It’s a figure we’re intensely proud of. A lot of rigorous market research went into developing this ingenious Presstation Pro. The result is a container which is fully geared up to the needs of present-day society, with a focus on sustainability and efficient use of space.

Sustainable and efficient solution

Plastic waste is sadly having a bit of a boom. This means that proper sustainable waste processing and minimisation of collections is becoming even more important. This is especially the case where traffic is heavy and waste levels are systemically high or fluctuate dramatically. Take the town of Veere in Zeeland, for example. Refuse collection vehicles come and go all the time. Sometimes containers have to be emptied three times a week, which is neither sustainable nor efficient. High time therefore, to switch to our underground compactors for recyclable plastics.

“It was either extra containers or going underground” - Harry Louwerse, policy officer for the municipality of Veere

“We noticed a marked increased in the volume of plastics. The question was really quite simple: either install extra containers everywhere or look for another solution with underground compactors. For sure, one important argument was that the compactors from Sidcon slotted into existing concrete wells.  Or, put another way, this was a precondition for ‘another solution”.

Presstation Pro PMD

The benefits of the underground compactor


  • Considerably fewer collections
  • Fewer containers needed, so taking up less space
  • Can easily be adapted to existing infrastructure
  • Fits in the most common kinds of wells
  • Can be emptied using the triple-hook, Kinshofer and Metro systems


  • Real-time warning signal when full
  • Cable-free mains connection
  • Rapid power connection (green energy)
  • Most sustainable solution


  • Available with access control
  • Link with Container Management Systems