Amsterdam Centrum

Efficient collection of plastic and drink cartons

In September 2016 Sidcon installed its first underground compactors in Amsterdam Centrum.

The first ever underground container for recyclable waste was installed in Elandsgracht. Redevelopment of Elandsgracht was just completed and the underground compactor meant that recyclable waste could be collected cleanly and efficiently in the Jordaan neighbourhood.

In its Waste Plan in June 2016, the City of Amsterdam explained how it intended to increase the percentage of waste separation so that more raw materials could be recycled and re-used for other useful purposes.

Recyclable waste however demands more storage capacity. By deploying Sidcon compactors, the council is able to make savings in capacity, since one compactor can cope with up to 10 times more content than conventional underground containers.

Ondergrondse containers amsterdam

This means compactors are less frequently full and there is less chance of waste dumped next to containers. All this leads to a cleaner city. The compactors are fitted with a warning system for when they are nearly full so they can be emptied in good time.