About Sidcon

Inspiring and motivating to make conscious choices, that’s what we stand for at Sidcon. And then mainly to make the population aware of the waste mountain they produce. We are convinced that waste collection can do so much better. Better for the wallet, better for the environment and better for the entire population. And this is where we work for every day, to make people like you aware of this.

  • About Sidcon

    Our many years’ involvement in waste collection has provided us with a wealth of expertise and experience in the field. We provide solutions to the problems of waste on the basis of facts and insights.

Specialist in sustainable waste collection

Sidcon is market leader in the field of underground compactors for plastic, residual and industrial waste. The goal is to collect waste efficiently in order to be able to recycle it after collecting. In this way Sidcon tries to contribute to a sustainable and circular economy and tries to help municipalities to achieve their waste targets. The company is also constantly developing itself in sustainable and innovative waste solutions. Examples of this are the the Presstation Compact and the Freshstation Organic that enable people living in high-rise buildings to separately collect their waste. Every Sidcon compactor collects also smart data. This data helps us understand more about waste collection and offers us insights into performance and trends to optimise waste flows even better. In the past years, this innovative and patented product has been placed in more than 85 municipalities in the Netherlands.