Service & maintenance

Service & maintenance

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Underground compactors are located in places where large volumes of waste are collected. Any technical defects can therefore be critical. For this reason, it’s essential to have good service and maintenance. Sidcon’s service is based on three principles.

Staff Sidcon works with a qualified team of staff who can fall back on a long experience working with underground compactors. This involves coordination and, of course, work in situ. The aim is to relieve the workload of clients and users as much as possible.

Means In order to carry out maintenance as effectively as possible it is essential to have the right material available. To simplify matters, we use specific equipment, such as a mobile crane which means maintenance can be carried out without the need of truck-mounted cranes. This type of crane reduces the amount of inconvenience in the public space.

Automation The underground compactors often form part of a municipal waste recycling centre. The Presstations are equipped with software which can make essential information available via a website. This data can be linked to other data used by the client. As a result, Presstations form part and parcel of our clients’ overall infrastructure.


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