Presstation BIN


For the easy emptying of wheelie-bins

The Sidcon Prestation Bin compactor is ideally suited for use in apartment blocks, nursing homes, shopping precincts and office buildings. These are places where waste is first collected in wheelie-bins and then taken elsewhere later. The highly practical tilt mechanism means that wheelie-bins can be emptied quickly and easily. No modifications are needed for this.

Up to five time more waste capacity

This underground compactor can store up to five times more waste than a normal container. A powerful compactor automatically reduces the volume of waste in the container. And the waste is now out of sight. The container fits in the most common kinds of wells. The container can be emptied using the triple-hook, Kinshofer and Metro systems. The container works with a cable-free mains connection.

Practical example: Valkenstede service flat in Hoogeveen

The Valkestede service flat is a quiet residential complex with 124 apartments for elderly persons able to live independently. Each resident has their own wheelie-bin. The management of the service flat empties these wheelie-bins once a week using the simple tilt mechanism in the large underground Sidcon compactor, the Presstation Bin. This is protected by an access control system so that not everyone in the neighbourhood can use it. The local waste management company, Area, comes and collects once a week. It’s an effective solution for everyone.

Presstation BIN

The benefits


  • Can be easily adapted to existing infrastructure
  • Fits in the most common kinds of wells
  • Can be emptied using the triple-hook, Kinshofer and Metro systems
  • Can be easily adapted to existing infrastructure
  • No adaptations to wheelie-bins required


  • Cable-free mains connection
  • Takes up hardly any space
  • Extremely tidy appearance: no containers in sight