Sidcon makes presence felt in Cannes 

4 underground compactors in Cannes 

In Cannes, the city of the Palme d’Or, Sidcon has also been making its presence...

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Underground compactor in Copenhagen 

First Sidcon container in Denmark 

Since the underground compactor is installed, residents in surrounding apartment blocks have been able to...

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Cleaner, more sustainable and more appealing city neighbourhoods 

Joint City of Utrecht and Sidcon project to tackle inner-city problem 

One of the biggest challenges in the city right now is rubbish and in particular,...

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Underground compactors in Bergen 

The Norwegian city of Bergen has been feeling the benefits of Sidcon containers 

Long journey distances are a fact of life in Norway, adding to the already high...

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Lee Towers, sustainability and innovation in Rotterdam 

3 towers, 3 underground compactors 

Transformation specialist City Pads decided once again to get in touch with Sidcon. This time...

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Municipality of Oldambt introduces Presstation Compact!

The new compactors are in Scheemda and Winschoten.

On 15 October, executive councillor Bard Boon inaugurated the first compactor for plastic, metal and...

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Underground compactors abroad

Is this innovation ripe for commercial exploitation abroad?

Whereas underground compactors have more than earned their spurs in the Netherlands, this innovative system...

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Waste in Zeeland compacted underground

Whereas waste flows in large cities are systemically high, in the Zeeland town of Veere...

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Bergen op Zoom

Increased waste flows; fewer containers

Because of the increasing volume of waste, the town of Bergen op Zoom was looking...

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In 2010, Etten-Leur was one of the first towns where we installed our underground compactor.

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Amsterdam Centrum

Efficient collection of plastic and drink cartons

In September 2016 Sidcon installed its first underground compactors in Amsterdam Centrum.

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Amsterdam Zuid

Huge savings in space and collections

In 2016 and 2017 Sidcon installed underground compactors in Amsterdam Centrum.

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Malodorous underground compactor?:

We now have the solution.

When temperatures rise, bad odour in and around waste containers can be a real problem...

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Nolenshaghe is a new care home and centre adapted to the needs of residents in...

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Service flat in Hoogeveen

Sustainable solutions to waste collections at care homes and service flats.

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De Zwarte Toren

Transformation into 160 homes

Commissioned by property developers In Foolen and Reijs Vastgoed, the Groenen construction company has realised...

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The Nimbus building is a marvellous location at the heart of downtown Nijmegen. It is...

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Leiden: up to six times more waste

14 underground compactors

At the moment there are fourteen underground compactors in Leiden, thirteen for the collection of...

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Every two weeks, the municipality in Nijkerk operates household collections of residual and organic waste....

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A few years ago, the entire centre of Nieuwegein was redeveloped. As a result, there...

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The first underground compactor for plastic waste in Heiloo was installed in 2014 at a...

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