What's your priority?

Greater capacity, lower costs

Up to ten times more waste capacity means many fewer collections. This is just one of the benefits the Sidcon underground compactor gives you.
Many towns and cities share the same challenges when it comes to waste collection. A Sidcon underground compactor offers a patented, durable and high-quality solution, which gives you the following benefits:

Big savings
given the need for fewer collections

Improved sustainability
because of fewer transport movements

Less harm to the environment
because of less litter

Better safety
because of fewer transport movements

Big space savings
as a result of the need for fewer containers


Residual waste
Notwithstanding steadily decreasing volumes of residual waste, an underground waste compactor in inner cities or in difficult-to-access neighbourhoods provides the ideal solution.

Plastic waste
Underground compactors for plastic waste have become a familiar sight on the streets of our towns and cities. For example, close to supermarkets as part of waste recycling stations. The compactors are also suitable for recyclable waste: ready for the future!

Commercial waste
Underground compactors are a highly efficient means of waste collection. Moreover, above-ground, the container has a sleek, attractive appearance and can be equipped with access control and a warning system for when the container is full.

    Long-term cost-effectiveness

    Practice has shown that Sidcon compactors are extremely durable and require little maintenance. So even after intense use over a long period of time, the compactors still retain their cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, as a standard feature, they have been primed for changing circumstances, such as increases in waste volumes, future waste-separation schemes and the possible abolition of bottle deposits.

    100% service partner

    Sidcon has always been forward-looking when it comes to sustainable technology, innovation and trends. But this applies just as much to service.

    Safe and effective
    Our service organisation guarantees the safety and technical quality of your underground compactor, giving you peace of mind. Our qualified service staff carry out both preventive and corrective maintenance.

    New insights
    In order to respond seamlessly to the needs of tomorrow, we work closely with the statutory authorities and the waste-processing industry. We can harness the experiences and insights this produces in order to develop new innovations.