Fully adapted to process cardboard

Nowadays, cardboard assumes even larger waste volumes than paper. As the world digitises, online shopping has become the norm and that’s no less evident in the waste processing industry too. For that reason, Sidcon’s latest underground compactors for waste paper and cardboard have been fitted with a modified compactor mechanism to handle cardboard and also have a wider opening. The underground compactors for paper and cardboard not only prevent overfull containers and extra litter, because of their larger capacity the number of transport movements for emptying the containers has been drastically reduced. A win-win situation when it comes to sustainability and efficiency.

“We wanted rid of the unsightly mess of boxes and bags just lying around” - Frans van Strijp, manager of Cure (waste management partnership for the municipalities of Eindhoven, Geldrop-Mierlo and Valkenswaard).

 “In the main, we collect waste paper separately, sometimes with the aid of local clubs. But we want to be rid of the unsightly mess of cardboard and bags lying around in the streets. Since there’s more and more cardboard with the waste paper – after all, we’ve now got used to having everything delivered to our doors – a compactor offers the perfect solution. It means greater capacity and fewer collections.” As far as I know, Sidcon’s compactor for waste paper and cardboard is the first of its kind. It seems they are also developing an underground compactor which doubles up as a charging station for electric vehicles. That’s a smart move. A container like this needs electricity anyway, so why not do other things with it too?”  

The benefits


  • Considerably fewer collections
  • Fewer containers needed, so taking up less space
  • Can easily be adapted to existing infrastructure
  • Fits in the most common kinds of wells
  • Can be emptied using the triple-hook, Kinshofer and Metro systems


  • Real-time warning signal when full
  • Cable-free mains connection
  • Rapid power connection (green energy)
  • Most sustainable solution


  • Available with access control
  • Link with Container Management Systems