Underground compactor for residual waste


More capacity, less cost, less space

It’s no surprise this underground Sidcon compactor is our most popular product.

Above all, the Presstation Pro contributes to sustainable collection of residual waste in cities. Thanks to its extra large capacity, this powerful compactor can cope with up to ten times more waste compared to regular underground waste containers. Not only does this deliver space savings, but also results in significantly fewer transport movements.

Powerful compaction system means better waste processing

The compaction system used in the Presstation Pro is considerably more powerful than that of other underground compactors. This extra power means more waste can be processed. That almost goes without saying. This applies in equal measure for materials that don’t belong in a residual waste container. The compacting mechanism in the Presstation Pro has been designed so ingeniously that the value of the waste is retained. That’s good for sorting the waste, whether at source or afterwards.

Compactor almost full? An online alert

When the container is almost full, the Presstation Pro sends an alert. This is done via a real-time monitoring system. In this way immediate action can be taken to empty the container. This avoids stray litter lying around when the container is full. After all, nobody wants an unsightly neighbourhood or municipality.

Practical example: Amsterdam opts for sustainability and efficiency

The borough of Amsterdam-Zuid took a conscious decision to use Sidcon’s underground Presstation Pro compactors. Their reasoning? They felt that the solution to the problems of waste should not be at the expense of existing parking spaces. Quality and price were the deciding factors in the tendering process. In total, there are now 250 compactors located in the streets of the Oud-Zuid, Hoofddorperplein and De Pijp districts. We would like to share their experiences with you. But even better: the municipality would like you to take a look for yourself.

Presstation Pro voor restafval Sidcon
“Saving space was our top priority,” explains Ronald Boekhout van Solinge, waste management manager for the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid.

“All containers that form part of the tendering process undergo a test by us, that includes the Presstation Pro. There’s always some element of risk with a new product. But we try to minimise that through testing. During the initial fact-finding phase savings in space were really our top priority. With that in mind, the underground compactor made perfect sense.

By installing the Presstation Pro in a densely populated neighbourhood, Amsterdam residents don’t have to walk far to get rid of their rubbish. This means the streets are cleaner, there’s no litter lying around and congestion is reduced. We can work more effectively and residents can get rid of their rubbish 24/7. So, it benefits everyone. If any other municipality is still wondering, we say, come and take a look for yourselves and check out where we have located our compactors. You’re welcome anytime!”

Presstation pro

Why choose for an underground compactor


  • Considerably fewer collections
  • Fewer containers needed, so taking up less space
  • Can easily be adapted to existing infrastructure
  • Fits in the most common kinds of wells
  • Can be emptied using the triple-hook, Kinshofer and Metro systems


  • Real-time warning signal when full
  • Cable-free mains connection
  • Rapid power connection (green energy)
  • Most sustainable solution


  • Available with access control
  • Link with Container Management Systems
“It saves on countless journeys and congestion in the city” - Marcel van Keuk, responsible for overseeing waste collections

“The Presstation has more than matched the positive feedback from the trial period. “Because a lot more can go into the Presstation Pro than a normal underground container, we need fewer containers. Of course, this frees up space. Another big plus is the Presstation’s monitoring system, which notifies us when the container is 80% full. That saves significantly on the number of journeys and congestion caused by refuse trucks. Less traffic also means less pressure on the environment. That’s an important advantage.”

“Few disruptions” - Glenn Jainathsingh, manager responsible for underground waste collection in the city of Amsterdam.

“We have few disruptions. But if something does go wrong, help is quickly on hand. Although it has to be said, last New Year was a little nerve-racking. As a precaution, we’d sealed up all Presstation Pros because of the fireworks. And when it came to 1 January, we couldn’t get them to open because the 4G network crashed as a result of people sending New Year texts. But even that was soon cleared up.”