Malodorous underground compactor?:

We now have the solution.

When temperatures rise, bad odour in and around waste containers can be a real problem Sidcon has developed a method which solves this problem once and for all: a device that is placed in the container which ensures that the smell is removed for good. So no more worries on your part!

How is it done?
One method of removing bad odour is using an ozone generator. Ozone is an oxidising agent which removes smell. Sidcon has devised a compact ozone generator specifically for use with underground compactors. The ozone generator has been extensively tested in recent years and has proved a highly durable alternative to other solutions, such as sprays.

There are two ways of supplying the ozone generator with power:

• Column equipped with solar panels
Standard underground containers have no power supply. One way of supplying them with energy is with solar panels placed on the above-ground column.

• Mains power directly to the compactor
If there is a power supply in place (for example, in the case of a compactor) or f there is a power source close to the container, the ozone generator can be hooked up to this.

“After the ozone generator had been installed, we solved the problem once and for all. What’s more, it’s one less worry to us!”

Benefits of the ozone generator

  • No more worries about bad odour once the ozone generator has been installed.
  • All smells are eliminated after installation.
  • The ozone generator removes the smell completely.
  • The ozone generator does not need to be replenished.
  • Sidcon carries out maintenance and monitors its functioning.

Underground containers fitted with an ozone generator ensure there are no maloderous smells in the vicinty of shops and bars.