About Sidcon

Fortunately, the infrastructure for waste collection in Europe is generally well organised. But can it be improved? Can it become more efficient and sustainable? We firmly believe it can and our day-to-day work is committed to this goal. We are inventors, manufacturers and suppliers of smart solutions for waste collection.


Not only do we aim to contribute to sustainability and the circular economy through our products, we are likewise helping municipalities attain their specific waste targets. We always do this in close consultation. We value our collaboration with municipalities immensely. Before projects are implemented, as well as during and immediately after installation: we also carry out maintenance work in the years following installation. We are a responsive and committed partner and, in the unlikely event of something going wrong with one of our waste containers, as soon as we’ve been alerted we’ll swing into action. In this way, we work together to meet your waste processing objectives. We attach great value to long-term relationships. Whether that’s for municipalities in the Netherlands or abroad.

Up-to-the-minute data: source of innovation

Everything we develop, we do so on the basis of the very latest data, facts and insights we have at our disposal. These are provided by our users and municipalities, but also from the very compactors we have installed. This provides a constant stream of know-how and inspiration for our product development team who are working day-to-day to improve all collection flows. In the meantime, we have now become a permanent feature of the waste industry, as a supplier of compactors for the collection of plastic, residual and commercial waste. Underground compactors ensure minimal volumes through the use of smart compaction systems. This leads to fewer containers, reduced costs and fewer transport movements. But for high-rise apartment blocks too, we offer innovative solutions for waste separation, such as the Presstation Compact and the Freshstation Organic.

We are a ‘Climate-neutral Organisation’

Our environment is precious. For that reason we aim to make our impact on it as small as possible. This means critically focusing on the reduction of our own carbon emissions. And that has been meeting with success! In 2018, we were given a positive appraisal by the Climate Neutral Group and satisfy all the criteria to use the label of ‘Climate Neutral Organisation’.


We fulfil all our promises. That is our raison d’être. To guarantee and constantly improve our quality, we have been ISO 9001-certified. Via the ISO 14001 certificate, we are also able to demonstrate that we are responsible stewards for our environment. For example, wherever we are, we make use of green electricity and whenever possible, recycle or repair defective containers.