Freshstation Organic


No foul smells and insects

The Freshstation Organic is a specially designed waste container so that vegetables, fruit and food scraps, can be processed in a clean and odour-free fashion. The container comes equipped with an insulated metal cocoon with cooling and an ozone generator. This avoids, as well as counters, foul smells and a diversity of insects.

Cost-saving and sustainable

Our experience is that municipalities with many high-rise blocks have more residual waste because of less separation at source. This automatically leads to higher costs. And that’s a waste! The Sidcon waste container for organic waste is ideal for use in or around apartment blocks.

The idea is that residents can quickly and easily get rid of their organic kitchen waste. In addition to cost savings, it helps towards more sustainable waste processing. The advantage of the Sidcon Freshstation Organic is that it is compatible with the existing waste collection infrastructure. It has a 230 V mains connection (taken from the building itself).

Prior to the final version of the Freshstation Organic: pilot in the town of Renkum

Ahead of the final development of the Freshstation Organic we worked alongside the municipality of  Renkum to test the Freshstation Organic in three apartment blocks. The town was aiming to carry out a quality appraisal with respect to the collection of separated organic waste. A step in the direction of a more sustainable world, you might say. The organic container was installed in each of the blocks to facilitate residents in separating and discarding their waste. With an overwhelmingly favourable response and only minor points for improvement, the pilot proved a huge success. And of course, we’ve since ironed out all the points for improvement.

The benefits


  • Installation both inside and outside
    apartment block possible
  • 240-litre mini-container, standard volume
  • Fully adapted to existing waste collection
  • Fitted with odour and pest control facilities
  • Anti-odour measures, such as cooling and ozone
  • Maximises the separation of organic kitchen waste in
    high-rise buildings
  • High service levels for residents due to 24/7 accessibility


  • Clean and tidy appearance to encourage separation of waste
  • Real-time warning signal when full
  • 230-volt mains connection (from the building)
  • Most sustainable solution
  • Improved quality as a result of controlled and less
    anonymous surroundings
  • Increases effectiveness of separation due to fewer food leftovers in residual waste