The infrastructure for underground waste collection in the Netherlands is well-organised. But can it be improved and made more sustainable? We firmly believe so. As a manufacturer and supplier of underground compactors for plastic, residual and commercial waste, we are committed to greater efficiency and intelligence. Ultimately, it leads to sustainable solutions for all waste flows. For example, it is becoming clear that municipalities or locations now need fewer containers. Fewer containers means fewer collections and fewer transport movements. This doesn’t just benefit municipalities and open spaces, but above all it helps people and the environment.

Needless to say, we are also an ISO 14001-certified company. That means we treat the environment with responsibility.

How sustainable are our products?

First of all, it should be clear that our waste solutions contribute to the European goal of separating and recycling waste more effectively.

  • The Presstation Pro and Bin help bring about major reductions in the number of transport movements for waste collection. The direct result: lower emissions of CO2 and fine particulates.
  • The Presstation Compact is a low-threshold solution for the collection of plastic waste in apartment blocks. It encourages waste separation and is therefore able to handle larger amounts of plastic. This can then be recycled more effectively by the waste processor.
  • The Freshstation Organic  is an ideal solution for collecting organic kitchen waste in a high-rise setting. Likewise, the result is better quality processing of waste, for example, into compost.

So, what about our own carbon emissions?

We attach great value to sustainability. For that reason we’re delighted to report that our company’s carbon emissions are extremely low. This was the outcome of a chain analysis at the end of 2019. For example, we use wind power for our business unit and are constantly seeking out further improvements. We also wish to have our CO2 ladder certified at a higher level (5). This means taking an even closer look at the whole chain. A priority for the coming period.

Re-use of compactors

At the end of our products’ life-cycle we aim to spare the environment as much as we can. That means re-using them where possible. One example of this are the compactors in the centre of Deventer. After 11 years and 686,400 kilos of residual waste, these compactors were due for replacement. After consulting the waste management company, Circulus-Berkel, it was decided not to automatically just install new containers, but instead, to have the old ones returned and use the parts which were still working for new compactors.