• Fewer collections and transport movements
  • Equipped with more powerful compaction system than other underground compactors
  • Special pusher mechanism for effective sorting of waste afterwards
  • Real-time monitoring: warning signal when full and rapid detection of malfunctions
  • Connected to nationwide service network

“The main reasons were that we need waste containers in places where lack of space was an issue and we wanted to have a solution that works best from an aesthetic point of view but also doesn’t feel like you’re looking “at the backside of a property”. It will be exciting to see the results of the new compactors from Sidcon and to use them in more sites throughout the municipality. We also hope that other parties in Skövde will follow our example and invest in them”.

Maria Liabäck - Construction engineer for municipality Skövde
  • Volume of wheelie-bin (240 litres)
  • But with 10 times more capacity due to compactor mechanism
  • Installation in or around apartment blocks
  • Low-threshold solution for waste separation by residents
  • With ozone generator: counters foul smells

The Sidcon Prestation Bin compactor is ideally suited for use in apartment blocks, nursing homes, shopping precincts and office buildings. These are places where waste is first collected in wheelie-bins and then taken elsewhere later. The highly practical tilt mechanism means that wheelie-bins can be emptied quickly and easily. No modifications are needed for this.

A smarter and more sustainable waste collection

Sidcon develops and supplies efficient and sustainable solutions for waste collection. This is our speciality and that’s what makes us tick. And yes, we think that waste collection can be smarter, cheaper and better. To this end we are helping meet the needs of the environment, public spaces, municipalities, waste processing plants and residents every day. Using up-to-the-minute data, we are working round-the-clock to develop and improve our containers. In this way, the compression technology we use in underground compactors for plastic, paper and residual waste ensure maximum waste compaction without making concessions to its value. We are eager to see our solutions make a positive contribution to a sustainable and circular economy. Likewise, we are helping municipalities attain their specific waste targets. We always do this in close consultation. We attach great value to long-term relationships. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. In the Netherlands we are now working with more than 100 municipalities.

“The quality of the containers is just remarkably better, compared to the ones from other suppliers”, according to van Strijp. “We nearly don’t have any breakdowns anymore, it’s just a very good product.” Van Strijp is also very positive about the company.”The people from Sidcon arrange everything”.

Frans van Strijp - Director Cure Afvalbeheer

Partnering Sidcon means:

  • Guaranteeing the most efficient waste collection solution.
  • A long-term partnership with sound advice and a maintenance warranty.
  • Availability of up-to-the-minute data to optimise waste flows
  • Peace of mind: maintenance is backed up by a professional service organisation
  • Continuous working with innovative insights, technologies and products
  • Concern for the future: we are a recognised work-placement company for technical professions
  • A transparent and environmentally friendly partner which is ISO 9001 and 14001-certified and is labelled a ‘climate-neutral organisation’.

About Sidcon